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The Xtreme Outdoor journey is not a new one, but rather a continuation of a dream started in 2008 by Fanie Botha and his son Riaan. An engineer in the aviation industry by trade, Fanie saw an opportunity to combine his skills as an engineer with his passion for the great South African outdoors. In 2008 he started Eko Veld Gear to build quality canopies and campers for all makes of vehicles at affordable prices. Fanie’s build philosophy has always been to combine innovative design with rugged functionality that customers are proud of.


In 2014 Fanie and Riaan extended manufacturing to include quality off road caravans called the Armadillo (‘the little armoured one’) named after the mammals native to the America’s with tough, impenetrable exteriors – and the canopy manufacturing was continued in a new entity Eko Aluminium Canopies. The first Armadillo prototype was itself called the Armadillo and this was exhaustively tested before going into production in late 2014. Since then, 3 further models have been added to the range (the Family, the Plus and the Shack) to accommodate a variety of different tastes and styles and catering from 2 to 4 sleepers.


In 2018, the Xtreme Outdoor Group, headed up by a small team of investors joined Fanie and Riaan to bring the manufacturing of the canopies (previously Eko Aluminium Canopies), campers and caravans (Armadillo) under one roof. The new premises were established in Montague Gardens in Cape Town in 2019 and there is a new design team on board to ensure that innovation, ergonomics, functionality and style are always integral to all of the products that Xtreme Outdoor manufacture. The rest of the team is still the same to ensure that the excellent build quality and personal service that our clients have become accustomed to continues on into the future.


With new additions to the caravan and camper ranges imminent, Xtreme Outdoor look forward to becoming the aluminium caravan, camper and canopy manufacturer of choice across the whole of South Africa and beyond…..