[Please make sure that you have read and understood these T&Cs and raised any queries you may have before agreeing to be bound by them.]

 What is covered by this warranty?

Xtreme Outdoor Group (Pty) Ltd (registration number 2018/532746/07) (“XOG”) warrants, subject to the exclusions and limitations below, all parts of the manufacture and assembly of products manufactured by XOG (“Products”), will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of Delivery (“Warranty Period”).

Warranty, Repairs and Replacements

Warranty repairs and replacements will be undertaken by XOG.

The benefits of this warranty are in addition to any rights and remedies you may have under any laws in relation to the supply of Products that cannot be excluded. Nothing in this warranty is to be interpreted as excluding, restricting or modifying any such laws which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.

Please take the time to read the relevant Owner’s Manual for the specific Product (if the relevant Product has one) to ensure that you are familiar with the Product’s operation and service procedures.

What is not covered by this warranty?
This limited warranty does not apply to a Product that:

  • has not been purchased from an authorised dealer;
  • has been modified or changed without approval from XOG;
  • has had an accessory or option fitted by someone not authorised by XOG; or
  • has had the serial number removed, altered or made illegible.

This limited warranty does not apply to damage caused by:

  • your request to customise the Product;
  • the Product being subject to abnormal conditions, including environment, temperature, water, fire, humidity, pressure, stress or similar;
  • unauthorised parts or accessories having been used on or in relation to the Product;
  • the Product having been used after a defect became apparent or should have become apparent;
  • the failure to use or maintain the Product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations;
  • excessive speed, failure to lower tyre pressure or hard impact;
  • the repair, maintenance or service by a person not authorised by XOG; or
  • normal wear and tear (including impact or stone damage).

The warranty does not extend to:

  • batteries;
  • wheel alignment as this can be affected by hard impact or abuse which is out of XOG’s control;
  • water damage caused by creek or river bed crossings, flooding and other similar conditions;
  • wheel bearings failure due to water ingress or lack of maintenance;
  • stone damage to the body and chassis;
  • the aesthetics of galvanising, coating and protectant treatments used;
  • mattresses, canvas, window screening and cushion covers, which are not warranted against tears, fading, soiling and shrinkage;
  • zips and fittings; and
  • damage to canvas and awnings due to condensation being left untreated.

Supplied Components
Some of the materials and components used in the manufacture of the Product are not manufactured by XOG and are not covered by this warranty. Instead, they are separately warranted by their individual manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects. XOG will use its reasonable endeavours to pass on to the owner the benefit of any third party manufacturers’ warranties.

Please note that the length of warranty periods provided for the supplied components and their terms may vary depending on the item. The separately warranted components may include, but are not limited to axles, wheels and couplings. All relevant warranties and Owner’s Manuals will have been supplied during handover.

Warranty not transferable
This warranty is not transferable to a subsequent owner if the Product is sold by the original owner during the Warranty Period unless otherwise agreed to by XOG in advance of the change of ownership and in writing.

Owner’s responsibilities
You must use and maintain your Product in accordance with its Owner’s Manual (if the relevant Product has one), technical specifications, service guidelines and any other information supplied to you by XOG. Proper maintenance and use will guard against major repair expenses resulting from misuse, neglect or inadequate maintenance.

The maintenance items include but are not limited to:

  • general servicing in accordance with XOG’s instructions;
  • suspension servicing;
  • wheel bearing servicing and adjustment;
  • checking tyre pressures;
  • general greasing and tightening of components;
  • rust-proofing, painting and maintenance of painted surfaces and exposed surfaces.

If your Product develops a defect or is in an accident or collision, you must not attempt to repair it yourself. Doing so may cause damage which is not covered by this limited warranty. Only service agents authorised by XOG should perform service or repairs on the Product. You should therefore contact the XOG Service Department if any of these events occur.

You should ensure that your Product is not exposed to water at or above the body floor level.

How will a valid warranty claim be honoured?

If a defect appears in XOG’s manufacture or assembly of the Product before the end of the Warranty Period and XOG finds the Product to be defective in materials or workmanship, XOG will, in its sole discretion, either:

  • replace or repair the Product or the defective part of the Product; or
  • cause the Product or defective part of the Product to be replaced or repaired by a qualified repairer.

Warranty repairs shall only be carried out by XOG’s service department or, when directed by XOG’s Service Manager, by an authorised XOG repair and service agent within a reasonable time from the Product being delivered to XOG.

XOG reserves the right to take ownership of all replaced parts. XOG will not reimburse any payments made for work done or replaced parts done through unauthorised repairers without prior written consent from XOG.

XOG reserves the right to replace defective parts of the Product with parts and components of similar quality, grade, function and composition where an identical part or component is not available.

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

How do you lodge a warranty claim?
If a fault covered by this warranty occurs, you must first contact XOG (or an approved dealer) at the contact address listed below. Any warranty claim must be accompanied by:

  • proof of purchase;
  • full details of the alleged defect; and
  • appropriate documentation (such as historical and maintenance records).

You must make the Product available to XOG or its authorised repair agent for inspection and testing. If such inspection and testing finds no defect in the Product, you must pay XOG’s usual costs of service work, evaluation and testing.

You bear the cost of the transport of the Product to and from XOG or the authorised repair agent to make the warranty claim, and all insurance of the Product. Where an onsite repair is requested by you, you must pay a service call fee.

No individual or service agents of XOG are authorised to vary the terms of this warranty or to make any representation or warranty concerning XOG’s products, except to refer the owner to its 12-month warranty.

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